I started a tradition of my own several years ago of buying a really nice journal at the beginning of each year to use as a dance journal. I use my dance journal for everything from new choreography ideas, notes in class for student critiques, thoughts on business, notes that I take from workshops I attend, and any little thing that pops in my head that inspires me or helps me clear my head.  So with so much precious content, why not splurge on something visually inspiring too?! Here is last year’s worn-out one from Sicura Italian Designs (Pretty sure I picked this one up at TJ Maxx for about $10):img_3093
And this year’s is from Paperblanks  that I got from a local book store for $25 – my most expensive one yet, but that’s because the average retail is much higher here in Italy than back in Memphis. (Books-a-million carries this line of beauties, too):

Here are some other lovelies full of blank paper waiting to be filled with your creative ideas and musings of you own!  And don’t forget to go back to last year’s journal if you have one and peep through for fresh perspective or some ideas or practice tips you’ve forgotten about!

They also make great gifts for students and troupemates!

New Year, New Journal