There’s a shop on Etsy that has stolen my heart.  Little Moon Clothing makes bohemian getups for tiny humans. That’s right. You heard me.

Rompers with Rajasthani mirror embroidery bodices.  Swaddling blankets made of patchwork Kantha. Tribal print bloomers. Maxi dresses from vintage saris.

*All photos taken from Little  Moon Clothing’s website

If ever I was going to admit to wishing I had a daughter instead of a son, it would be right now. But wait…what’s this? Oh yeah, she makes vests for boys too:

Photo from Little Moon Clothing’s website

These are pretty  much the coolest kids I’ve ever seen – so if you know someone  with a flair for everyday tribal looks who has a tiny human, scoot your boot over to Little Moon Clothing on Etsy and get your birthday/Christmas shopping done early!

Photo from Little Moon Clothing’s website

And yes, she makes things for adults too!  Can I just get this girl’s entire look, head to toe? Shop owner Alyssa Zynda says,

“Buying handmade can really make a difference in someones life. When you buy handmade an actual person does a happy dance”


All photos are from Little Moon Clothing’s website:

Instagram @littlemoon_clothing

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