We moved into our new apartment just under a year ago, but we still haven’t really done much in the way of decorating. See, I’m torn between bothering to decorate at all, since my living situation is semi-temporary (3-5 years) versus setting up a cosy space where I spend the majority of my time since I work at home.  And even then, I’m kind of loving the mimialist lifestyle with clean lines and empty surfaces that are so much easier to clean with a toddler around.  But I’m such a boho-loving maximalist that I constantly daydream of adding color and textile everywhere. So I’ve recently realized that a great compromise is CURTAINS!  With a simple addition in a couple of the rooms I can create a big punch of color and textile since windows take up so much of my wall space here. So I’ve done some snooping around the web and I have found some really clever ways to add my love of everyday tribal to my home decor with these cool curtain ideas:

1. Upcycle Indian sari fabric into gorgeous, colorful, and layered patchwork curtains.


Patchwork Curtains made from vintage saris from RoyalSuzie Etsy Store

2. Curtains with pom pom fringe! What tribal dancer doesn’t love the idea of more tassels and pom poms?


Pom Pom Toran from Kalas Creation Etsy Store


Morrocan-inspired Adelet curtains with pom pom trim from Anthropologie.com

3.Use already-owned scarves and costume layers

Photo by Teri Lyn Fisher for The Jungalow



Macrame wall hanging-turned-curtain from TheEarthDivine Etsy Store

4. Dreamcatchers and beads! This is gorgeous…and dreamy… (pun intended)


DIY Native American dreamcatcher curtain, seen at Purple Beetle Cafe



4. Torans – I have some of these from my old studio somewhere in a box. Seeing these never gets old…


Photo from Essenziale Home Designs

Find Indian torans like this one here on Etsy

5. Tapestries and wall hangings – a classic boho look, and thre are some absolutely gorgeous mandalas out there…


Mandala tapestry from Tapestry Hut



6. Accessorize with already-owned dance costume accessories:

Check out the sweet digs that @eyeofami has – she uses her coin belts as curtain tie-backs!   I love all these double-duty tricks to display as much of my costume elements as possible…I hate having it stuffed away in a drawer!


Got some better ideas? Wanna show off your own curtained digs? Share them here, on facebook (Everyday Tribal) or instagram (@everydaytribal)