Top Left:  Manaka Collection,  Bottom left: Anthropologie , Center: Free People, Right: Photo by Michelle Fennel

Alright, are you one of those people who can rock a headscarf? If so, I’m totes jealous. I mean, I see images like these on pinterest and in magazines and think it’s just so cool, and I’ve even amassed an awesome scarf collection of my own. Except that every time I try to wear one in my hair (or even around my  neck) I feel like a total schmo.  and I see my adorable friends looking like this and think, “Ok, it’s totally doable, not just for celebrities and models:”

Clockwise from top left:   Adrianne and her daughter Sanaya showin’ their mother-daughter twinsy wrap.   Vera’s vintage style works great with this adorable wrap, and I love her print dress…and I wouldn’t mind the cocktail either.   Mandy sportin’ a casual cool Jemima wrap poolside.  Sanjaya is always a goddess, and this twisted wrap and that amazeballs necklace are proof.  

But no, I have yet to rock a headscarf.  So, here we go, friends. I’m armed with a picture guide of 20+ ways to wear a headscarf (below), and a great video tutorial for those of us who need a bit more explanation.   Let’s do it this week, my digital tribe-mates. I am going to challenge us to be brave and try something new with our #everydaytribal style.   I make this vow: I will wear a headscarf and be totally fabulous three times over the next month, and I will share proof if you share yours too!   Use the #everydaytribal tag on Facebook or Instagram, or leave you photos as comments here or there.  Give me courage, and let’s rock it together!   Follow me on Facebook (Everyday Tribal) and Instagram (@everydaytribal) to join in the fun…and give me advice.

From – just in case you don’t have enough scarves already, go check out their retail online!

A video tutorial on youtube- click to go watch it: by Naptural85  AT