On Pinterest one day, this gorgeous image of a spice market in Marakesh popped up on my feed which instantly drew my eye due to the rich colors.  The photo, by Troy Pichard, inspired me to imagine a costume or even a troupe of costumes set in the color palette of these beautiful Moroccan spices. The pale yellowy beiges of ginger and garlic, the mid-tone browns of nutmeg and cumin, deep paprika red and that amazing pop of turmeric golden yellow. Here is an inspiration board I put together using the Pantone color palette tool with this spice market image. Read below for details on each photo and tips on how to incorporate these gorgeous earthtones in your next costume look!

Tribal SpiceCollage


  1. Ziah Taylor of Awalim Dance Company radiates with a red veil mid-spin and burgundy and mustard yellow skirt. Silk veils have come a long way in the tricks artisans can use to create gorgeous ombre effects like this sunset shading. Photo by KISMET Photography.   Get an Aishwarya 25 yard skirt like this for $150 here
  2. A beautiful rusty maroon pattern 25 yard skirt available from Magical Fashions.
  3. Rustic brown Pakistani-style paranda tassles for accessorizing home or costume, available from MysticJewelsTrinkets.  This particular set has a great shine to it and several colors woven together for a very cool effect.
  4. Amber beads (faux) and vintage coins from Morocco, available from Tuareg Jewelry Webshop.   Amber gemstones come in a variety of colors, and the raw beads are absolutely gorgeous when added to a vintage setting or tribal jewelry piece!
  5. Spice Market in Marakesh, photo by Troy Pickard
  6. Gorgeous, voluminous pantaloons in golden turmeric yellow from Nymphaea By Lilly  $117   Lilly has dozens of pantaloons in spicy colors, so it was hard to choose just one to show off!
  7. Silver crosses with red and black beads from Tuareg Jewelry Webshop.
  8. Surreyya Hada is stunning in earthy brown assuit matching bra and belt.  Assuit is an Egyptian fabric created by hand-hammering silver slivers into a netlike fabric, creating absolutely gorgeous shimmering designs. Usually we see it in black or creme, but you can find it these days dyed into many shades, including this gorgeous earthy brown.
  9. Another assuit , this time a creme and gold assuit hip scarf sold by “Besheer” on Ebay
  10. Don’t forget to accessorize! Carnelian stone is a beautiful deep shade of red, as seen in this Afghan ring sold by Craft East.