As many of you are shivering from Snowpocalypse 2017, I’m sitting in bed nursing a super fun combination of sinus infection and stomach virus, and the only thing I have been able to calm my stomach with for the last two days has been warm tea.  Tea has always been a comfort to me for a tight stomach, which I suffer from pretty routinely. Anyone else get anxiety or excitement that travels straight to your tum?  So a cup of tea became a pre-show ritual for me, especially the night before a big event I’m hosting.

This is Georgie, my tea-infuser sloth, along with my favorite mantra.

So I asked some friends, dancers, and even a few tribal superstars what their favorite soothing sips are – whether it’s to stay warm and cozy in the winter or to soothe a stressful day or simply post-show winding down…here are their recommendations:

Jill Parker prefers Chico Chai, made by a fellow dancer! Photo by Yaniv Halfon Photography at the Massive Spectacular

Chico Chai

 Jill Parker says, “My favorite brand of tea is Chico Chai made by Sarah Adams, the director of  Origin Tribal Bellydance (2004-2014) from Chico California. Her tea is delectable and the packaging has cute details. Exciting tidbit: she travels directly to India to source spices for her tea.  She is a lovely woman… support her business!


Alwazah Tea  

Emily says, “I love this with a few cloves and some honey mixed in! I think the process of slowing down to make it (I use a diffuser and make it by the cup) is half of the relaxation process.”    Emily is an elementary teacher as well as a performer, so I trust she needs plenty of help relaxing!

Cucumber + Mint + Lime Infused Water

Stress doesn’t just happen during the winter, so Allen suggests water infused with cucumber, mint and lime, “Super refreshing on a hot summer day”

Spruced Up Sleepy Time Tea *wink*

Amber prescribes sprucing up a cup of Sleepy Time tea (two bags) with a slice of fresh lemon, honey, and a shot of whiskey. Now THAT’s a recipe for winding down.  She may not be a doctor, but she works in the medical field by day and is a lifelong bellydancer by night.

Amy Sigil never seems to slow down – have you seen her performances? She stays fueled with good, old-fashioned hot caffeine… Photo from Datura Online 

And what does headliner Amy Sigil of Unmata use to fuel herself?

“Coffeeeeeeeeeee! And bubbly water all the way!”