I came across Temperley London on Pinterest, when this amazing skirt showed up in my feed:


I drooled over it for a minute, then fantasized about all the costume options it would present, let alone throwing on a tank top, a long tassel necklace and going to the store in it every. single. day.  So I had to know more…. and look at all these beauties!

Alice Temperley is the mama to this label, whom some people refer to as the British Ralph Lauren.   Check out their collections of everyday tribal awesomeness, with soft chiffons and ruffles and colorful patterns and embroidery at http://www.temperleylondon.com

Unfortunately, the prices are too rich for my blood, though there IS an outlet that offers these designer looks at a fraction of the cost, if you wanna check them out here….

*All images are from http://www.temperleylondon.com

**This is not a sponsored or paid blog.