Looking for style inspiration? Whether for an everyday tribal look or your next performance costume, this month’s style inspiration board comes from the birthstone of lucky April babies : diamonds!  

Now, most of us can’t afford to go around shimmying diamonds off our hips and scattering them across stages in the inevitable costume mishaps, so I found a more affordable and dramatic option to mimic the sparkle and shine of every girls’ best friend.  

Acushla Designs is an Australian shop owned by  tribal bellydancer Acushla who creates the most impressive and unique jewelry and accessories featuring crystals.   Acushla says “I create unique powerful Crystal jewellery embellished with Tribal adornments and inspired by ancient symbolism. My intention is to create adornments that inspire, lift your vibe and support you on your journey” 

And her dance costumes compliment her designs beautifully – a true embodiment of a diamond dame! Check out some of her beautiful looks that echo shimmering diamonds:

Head over to her store to check out her full collection if you’re ready to add some crystals to your Everyday Tribal look! 


Or follow her on Facebook and Instagram for tons of gorgeous inspiration in jewelry, costumes, and dance! @AcushlaDesigns 

*This is not a paid advertisement or sponsored blog.  
Share your diamond looks using the #everydaytribal all April long!!