“The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography”

-Federico Fellini

The June birthstone is the pearl, symbolizing wisdom through experience, wealth, luck, balancing karma and loyalty and integrity.   If you’re seeking to imbed your costume or #everydaytribal look with special meaning, consider the pearl when shopping for your next accessory.

Cleopatra dissolving the pearl, by Frederick Sandys

In ancient Egypt, the pearl was an ultimate symbol of wealth.  Legend has it that Cleopatra dropped a pearl into her drink to dissolve before drinking it one swallow in front of Mark Anthony, to show him that she could swallow the wealth of a nation in one gulp if she saw fit.  That’s pretty badass.

Greek myth explains that pearls are the tears of the gods – so whether you want to adorn yourself in the physical embodiment of sadness of Greek gods is something entirely up to you!

In Hindu folklore, the god Krishna is said to have plucked the first pearl from the ocean and presented it to his daughter Pandaia on her wedding day.   (I guess Krishna wasn’t up on his Greek mythology.)


Here are some gorgeous pearl pieces I found to jump start your June birthstone inspiration…. feel free to share your own favorites!

Top: Tibetan pearl drop and coral necklace by Tivah Niya Adornments on Etsy

Bottom left: pearl-inlaid costume by Dancing Tribe on Etsy

Bottom center:  pearl and gold bindi by DancingLuBindi on Etsy

Bottom right: Afghan prayer tube pendant with pearl chain by BoldOracle on Etsy


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