Shhh…don’t tell anyone – we’ve got baby photos of some of your favorite headlining tribal bellydancers.   Well, photos of them when they were younger, that is.  Thanks to social media, we’ve been able to get closer and closer to our tribal idols, and every once in a while, they slip us a gem like this:

FullSizeRender (1)

Kami Liddle

Kami says her grandmother made her this ‘gypsy bellydancer’ costume for Halloween in the early 90s. Little did either of them know that she would be wearing something similar for years to come! Come on, Kami, we think you should revive this look for your next show!





Jill Parker

Love the pixie cut, love the cowry choker, love the funky apron. It’s clear this chick always had a flair for the awesome.



Mira Betz

“As you can see wigs… Wonder Woman… STILL my favorite things. Add lip sync (which we were most likely doing here) and there is not much more to know about me. I’ve built a career on those three ingredients!”



Rachel Brice

Rachel and her mama, both looking sassy and mischievous, don’t you think?  You work that striped shirt and golden jeans, girl. I’m pretty sure you have a costume or two in those same colors….


That’s all for this round of “Before They Were Stars,” but stay tuned for more reminiscing the “good ole days” with an upcoming album of headliners in their earliest days of performing.  Keem those photos comin, tribalistas!  Much love…


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