Can you believe Autumn is almost here? Between my 3 weeks of traveling, a solar eclipse, and finally getting to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 2), I don’t even know which way is up right now.   But APPARENTLY, we are just a few weeks away from the Fall equinox!

That means it’s time to dust off my autumn wardrobe and see what still fits and what my budget is for updating…

So I guess now is an appropriate time to start checking out the fall fashion trends if that’s what you’re into – for me, I’m a pretty steady boho tribalista in earthtone shades so I never stray too far from my comfort zone to try out new trends. Lucky for me, tassels and tribal prints are still pretty popular, so it’s not hard to find amazing looks on any corner.  That means there’s no excuse not to be a part of the fair trade and sustainable fashion movement.  So many companies are heading in this direction, and I’m happy to introduce to you my new favorite hub of #everydaytribal sustainable fashion: Cleobella


Cleobella is the design label of Angela O’Brien, who travels with her family all over the globe pursuing her husband’s surfing passion and infusing her design aesthetic with stories and elements from her travels. What we end up with is this gloriously bohemian-meets-California-meets-retro-vintage style that I can’t get enough of.

Though their brick-and-mortar shop is in Sunset Beach, their whole shop is online, and their manufacturing process is centered in Bali.  Their process and products are made sustainable by using locally-sourced products, providing a sustainable income and fostering the local community within which they work. Additionally a percentage of all sales goes to to empower women in South East Asia.  Way to go, Angela!  She says,

“Travel is an energy exchange. It’s inspiration between people and cultures and moments. And love and beauty and connecting to what really matters.

Our collection is inspired by those stories you can’t always explain, but can never forget.”


Get in my closet! All of it!   What’s more than their look is that these pieces are made to last, so you’re going to get plenty of wear out of them.

“The Balinese are some of the finest artisans I’ve ever seen in the world, and that’s why Bali is at the center of Cleobella’s magic.  Every step from drawing the design to hand beading the garment to sewing the label is done entirely by hand. ”

And speaking of hand beading – here is the piece that initially caught my eye on Pinterest  – a dress with hand-laid sequins in designs inspired by the ancient textile treasured by true tribalistas, Egyptian assuit.



And if you haven’t fallen in love  yet, wait – there’s more. They do handbags too. In fact, it was one of their Mexicana clutches that was O’Brien’s first design while in their first year of traveling as a family!


Last but not least…..I give you tiny humans in boho clothes.  That’s right, they have a children’s line out now as well, including a fabulous indie diaper bag…


So go spend an hour of your life perusing their gorgeous products at, and convince yourself that it’s  ok to go overbudget when you’re supporting the movement of sustainable fashion around the world!

5 Reasonsto support Fair Trade


(Watch the documentary that first shocked me into supporting sustainable fashion here:

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