Ok, so if you’re anything like me, I know what you’re thinking.  ‘Wallpaper? Really? Ew….”

Wallpaper conjurs images of the first house I rented in college where the walls were peeling all over the place because there were so many layers of paint on top of the original wallpaper.   Then I think about all those episodes of Trading Spaces* where homeowners were tasked with steaming and scraping down unwanted wallpaper to properly restore beauty to their home.  It always ended in a fight.

*Remember that show?!  That was one of the first home improvement contest shows on TV back in the day and my buddies and I used to watch that stuff every afternoon after class! Who was your favorite designer? Say Frank. SAY IT! 

But the other day I was perusing Pinterest and came across the most awesome interior photo ever:


And there the caption credit told me that Annandale Wallpapers was the source. What?  Wallpaper? That’s gorgeous.   So I strolled over to their website and spent about 40 minutes getting lost in the rabbit hole of beautiful wallpaper designs:

Kemra brand: Federation Tiles

So I present to you a collection of 10 wallpapers from Annandale Wallpapers that will change every tribalista’s mind about having wallpaper in your home.    Which one is your favorite?



Sanderson Brand – Surin line
Cole and Son Brand – Mineral Line
Kemra Brand – Bronze & Copper Line
Sirpi Brand – Fresco Trellis Line
Cole & Son – Puzzle Line


Cole and Son Brand – Riviera Line

All photos were taken from the Annandale Wallpapers website, and the brand of each wallpaper and its style name is listed under the photograph. In cases where the wallpaper brand has its own site, I’ve linked those too so you can find a local retailer if you are dying to slather your home in one of them…


*This is not a paid or sponsored blog.