I have been waiting for September to roll around for months now. Yes, because school is back in session and my toddler is no longer underfoot 24/7. Yes, because the temperatures are dropping and I can sleep with the windows open and pretend to smell Halloween in the air.   But more than those – it’s because the September birthstone is my favorite color: SAPPHIRE!   So now I get to lose myself in beautiful blue hues of inspiration from costumes for tribal bellydance to moody interiors that make me fantasize about a blue room of my own.

So here you have it, tribalistas! Your dance costume inspiration gallery in sapphire blue!



Blue’s my favorite.  Any shade of blue – robin’s egg, royal, turquoise, teal.  I mean…I’m just sayin’ I might rock a pair of blue Doc Martens in a show every once in a while with matching lapis belt and necklace…..AND rolling suitcase for my gear:


But enough about me – check out all the photo credits for the inspiration gallery below!  Be sure to check out some of these amazing folks’ sites, too. Spread the love and let us know over on Facebook or Instagram what you’re inspiration for the month!


Zoe Jakes, Photo by The Dancer’s Eye
Rachel Brice, Photo by The Dancer’s Eye
Colinette Point 5 yarn from Karelia House
Kami Liddle, Photo by Carl Sermon Photography
Blue assuit scarf by Desirees Treasures
Bracelet by Gypsy Trader Treasure
Earrings by A Lilla Bazaar
Makeup Tutorial From BeautyLish
Skirt by Dark Fusion Boutique


Hit me up if you’re a September baby!  Tag me in photos of your own blue costumes and accessories! Join the fun on Instagram or Facebook to see dreamy images of moody blues all month long!


*This is not a paid or sponsored blog.

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