Moody Blues Interiors
We’re still celebrating the birthstone for September, the splendid sapphire! A few weeks back, we shared a collage of amazing tribal dance images and accessories in moody blue, and now we’re taking it into the home with a round-up of  amazing home decor items that will bring a touch of sapphire into your Everyday Tribal home!
And as we move into the cooler seasons of the year, here are some droolworthy interiors that might inspire you to embrace the winter blues in your home.   Photographer Debi Treloar is the genius behind so many Pinterest-loved interior images, and her work is featured in dozens of books in the genre. I know my own Pinterest is overloaded with her beautiful work.  So enjoy a few of my favorites and then head over to her website to get lost in the glory of her full portfolio:
Do you have a favorite nook of your home, studio or coffee shop that makes you melt? Share your photos with us here or on Instagram or Facebook to join in the #everdaytribal fun!
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