Raise your hand if Halloween is your favorite time of the year!

Raise your hand if it’s not your favorite but you have a costume party to go to….and you don’t really want to spend any money filling up your closet.

Ok, yeah. I got you.

When it comes to costuming it up for Hallow’s Eve, I pulled off wearing my bellydance garb year after year.  I mean, our tribalista trappings are way too gorgeous and exotic  (and expensive) to stay in our closet for the amount of time that they do.  So here are some of my favorite ways to tweak your #everydaytribal look or your bellydance costumes into a Halloween costume worthy of your trick-or-treaters.

Esmerelda, the fortune-teller, or the generic “gypsy” woman.

This one is the easiest and takes the least imagination to pull off.   Take your favorite broomstick skirt (or that 25 yard dance skirt we all have!), boho blouse, tie a scarf around your head and hips, and pile on the jewelry.  Make the message more clear with a crystal ball, tambourine or drum if you have one lying around!

Cindy from Desert Rose Dance plays double duty as a dancer and pirate – how easily her costume conveys either look depending on the accessories!

A snake charmer

This was easier for me than most because I have pet snakes, but you can go the store-bought plush route too! (And probably scare less children)  For my snakecharmer look, I used my tribal costume bra, plenty of kuchi accessories, and a hair wrap with braids peeking out.



Another chance to wrap up in your 25 yard skirt! Tuck it, bustle it, swirl it, however you wear it – just top it off with a corset and a fascinator in your hair and you’re ready to parrrrrrrty. (Sorry, that was bad.)  And heads up – if you’re brave enough to venture into sexy shops (not the mall lingerie shops…the ones that don’t have windows, and you park a few blocks down so that no one recognizes your bright blue Honda Fit – just sayin’) you can score a cheapy cheap corset-style “top.” You just might need to wear something else under or over it.

Both of the above pirate looks were created from merch in our bellydance boutique. 


 If you get lucky, you can find a mermaid-silhouette formal skirt at the thrift store. Otherwise, you can get clever like Lauren Conrad and craft-up a no-sew mermaid tail to pair with your sparkliest bellydance bra.  Hell, if you have a cabaret-style mermaid-silhouette bellydance costume, you can get away with donning the whole thing – just add some shells in your hair and on the shoulders of the bra to send the mermaid message. Don’t be shy with the body glitter either.

Katalin Schafer showing off a costume that could easily translate into mermaid for Halloween!


Saloon Girl

Take that super billowy skirt and tuck it up in front (or get crafty with pins and make it bustle in the back!) and layer on some colorful tights and black fishnets.  Slip an ostrich feather behind your ear and Voila’ – you’re a saloon girl a la Nicole Kidman in Far and Away.  Another great couples idea because dudes love a simple, masculine, and sexy costume option – my man was the Doc Holiday to my saloon look one year:

Memories… this was me 10 years and 10 pounds ago. 

Steampunk Chick

This post really should be called 100 Ways to Wear a 25 Yard Skirt.  Because here it is again – this time bustled up, accessorized with lots of black and grunge, and a fab top hat. Feather fascinators work well for steampunk style, but if you can get your hands on a pair of gold goggles, the look will be complete!

Burlesquer Rozelle’s steampunk look 

Ok so now it’s your turn. Share your photos!  Show me how you’ve gotten away with wearing your bellydance garb at Halloween! OR share your favorite Halloween-style bellydance costume. Either way. Let’s have fun.  Share them over on Facebook and Instagram!   #everydaytribal or tag @Everydaytribal