Yes, today I am sharing an entire post about my new scarf. That’s because I’ve been ogling items from Etsy shop Graffiti Tam Tam for almost a year now, thanks to their gorgeous Instagram page, and through a fabulously chance coincidence, I now am the proud owner of one of her items.


Valentina is the owner of this boho shop of awesomeness. She started out by making bags and purses for the #everydaytribal gal, combining beautiful leatherwork with antique textiles and jewelry from around the world. Her favorite sources are Indian and Afghanistan, so you’ll see lots of shisha mirror work, embroidery, recycled saris, and Kuchi baubles and coins.  Everyday Tribal has featured her photos several times throughout the year.

One day I got a message from Valentina that said, “Hey, you live in Brescia don’t you? I’ll be there next weekend. Want to meet up?”   Turns out, Valentina also lives in Italy and was participating in a cool event sponsored by Etsy called “Etsy Made in Italy” that brought together artisans for craft shows all over Italy.

Bet your kuchi I went!   A 5 minute walk from my apartment, and I entered this wonderful paradise of hand-crafted goodies:




I walked out with one of Graffiti Tam Tam’s newest additions to their shop – a giant, fluffy, totally boho’d out scarf…and a new friend!



Here are a few more shots of Graffiti Tam Tam’s pop-up shop in Brescia, Italy.




Such a beautiful place for a craft fair, don’t you think? This isn’t a collage – it’s a straight-up panoramic photo of the area…


And some more glamour shots of my fab new scarf, which has already been put to the test in some frigid weather around Brescia, and on our touristy adventures in Bergamo and Belgium – it passed with toasty flying colors. All the style of a scarf and the warmth of a wool blanket! Heck yeah.