We LOVE going “behind the curtain” with headlining performers of tribal bellydance! We see them work their magic on stage, pose perfectly in photos, and inspire us with ass-kicking classes.   Now, we sneak behind the glitz and glam to find out how much these ladies really are just like the rest of us – exhausted, working moms balancing work and home life, 9-to-5ers behind a desk all day, and all sorts of in-between.

Today’s Behind The Curtain interview is with…

Michelle Sorensen

*Above: Video from The Massive Spectacular


This badass bellydance babe is known for combining intense beauty and strength, resulting in incredible muscular control as well as breathtaking grace and performance quality.  (And she’s not just a tribalista, she’s also into pole dancing, burlesque, and cross-training in fitness and several other types of dance in her hometown of Salt Lake City, UT)

SO, we asked Mrs. Sorensen 4 random, non-dance questions, and here’s what she had to say:

1.  What is your favorite souvenir from traveling? The Cuckoo Clock I bought when I taught in the Black Forest area in Germany:


2. What is your guilty pleasure snack?  I really love Twizzlers Nibs and the Munchies Cheese bag with Doritos, Cheetos, pretzels and Cheeze-its!     (Side note from Liz: Can I just say that these are totally my favorite too, although my waistline suggests I indulge in them a lot more often than Michelle…)

3. What was one of your more memorable non-dance jobs?  I was a personal chef for a fitness camp for about 6 months one time. It was so stressful. I hated it.

4.  What’s something you want to share that dancers wouldn’t expect to find out about you? I would much rather play in the dirt and climb mountains than dress up fancy and go out. Totally a tomboy at heart.

It’s hard to imagine that the woman who looks like this:



prefers to look like this:


Here’s another look at her favorite non-dance hobby: hiking with her husband and two daughters!

And what does a woman who wears a costume weekly wear for Halloween?


Connect with Michelle:

Facebook (@michelle.belly.dance ),

Instagram (@michellesbelly)

and her website (https://www.michellesbelly.com/)


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