Caitlin Leonor owns a jewelry boutique called  Aguja y Clavo , but this isn’t your average jewelry-maker.  (There’s always a special twist to the boutiques we feature on Everyday Tribal!)

Caitlin is a global explorer and cultural connoisseur in her own right.  Aguja y Clavo is the biproduct of combining her life passions with her talent for jewelry-making. She says,

“I found a way to connect all of the important aspects of my upbringing into my designs like traveling, being exposed to incredible historical monuments, spending quality time with my parents, honoring my ancestry, and using jewelry to express what I’ve been reading.”


“I feel like I’ve found an identity for myself through jewelry and that my jewelry now aligns with who I am. I’m a traveler, I’m adventurous, I’m fascinated with other cultures and countries, I love being abroad and going to museums and shops and cafes and churches and ruins and mountains and lakes and oceans. I’m able to express my interest in these cultures through my jewelry”

The 2018 Collection

Her newest collection is inspired by the stories of Herodotus.  The Herodotean Collection will be available Feb 2018, but we have some previews of the incredible pieces that will be available. Each piece comes with a beautiful specific inspiration and story that led the process of Caitlin’s creation of it.

Why Herodotus?

 I’ve been reading and researching Herodotus, a Greek author from 450 BC. He traveled extensively throughout the Ancient World, including Greece, Egypt, Persia, and possibly parts of Scythia, Africa, and India.  The opening lines of Herodotus’ The Histories are some of the most powerful words written in history as they are the first words written on history. Ever. He wrote about the cultures and people of these regions and so what I intend to do is make a collection based on what he saw. I want to show what was present during his time and eventually I’d love to make collections based on the stories he recounted. It’s all fascinating and interesting and the major drive behind my work. In this collection, you will see the faces of the people from the Ancient World, including glimpses of the palaces, temples, markets, sea and river ports, and gardens.

Here are just a few of the pieces from the upcoming collection:


“This is an abstract version of a floor plan of an Ancient Greek amphitheatre. “





Egypt is the gift of the Nile



This is made of lapis and sterling silver. The front is with the waves and ripples of the Nile River with Egyptian lotus flowers floating on top. The reverse is an ancient Egyptian boat with netting to catch fish hanging from it.




The Hanging Gardens of Babylon Necklace



This piece is based on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and I used Royston Turquoise, amethyst, peridot, and sterling silver.




Egyptian Lilies Ring

This piece is inspired by the Ancient Egyptian wall paintings of the Nile River. I imitated how the Egyptians painted water and the lilies floating on top.



The Bulls of Perseopolis Necklace


These are bulls that were carved stone capitals in the palace of Persepolis. These bulls were enormous and if you ever get the chance to see photos of the scale, look it up. It’s incredible. I drew my inspiration by hand and copied the design onto a sheet of silver. I then used the chasing and repoussé techniques to recreate the image. I also added granulation.




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