Before taking off for the holidays, we asked you to chip in some questions for our interview with Rosie from one of our favorite Etsy shops full of tribal jewelry.  Rosie spent 10 years dancing and touring professionally with the National Spanish Ballet.


Her amazing collection of jewelry from her years touring the world tells a great story, and I didn’t want to hog all the questions. So here is our interview in full:

1. When did you first start learning flamenco? Are you Spanish, or of Spanish descent? If not, what made you interested in learning flamenco?



I started to dance at a very young age. My mother put me in ballet classes as a very little girl and I quickly became interested in Flamenco; learning the basics as early as 7 years old. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. And not of Spanish decent. I was always attracted to Flamenco’s dramatic, emotional, expressive form. As well as the accompanying music. At 17, I moved to Madrid to study at the Royal Conservatory of Music and Dance of Madrid, on a special scholarship.I stayed with a family who hosted me, until I was old enough to live on my own.


2. What was the name of the company you toured with? How many shows in a month did you do at your highest amount of touring?


I toured with different companies, but mainly toured with the National Spanish Ballet of Spain. Nearly 10 years I worked with them. When we toured, we worked many hours. While we travelled, we generally performed one day on, one day off. When we first arrived we rested and rehearsed. We always had to rehearse to learn the dimensions of each new stage. Some weeks we performed everyday of the week.

3. What was your all-time favorite place in the world that you visited while on tour? ( And if you could pick one area of the world to retire in for the rest of your life, where would you go? )

My favourite place visited on tour was in Greece. We had the opportunity to perform in the Acropolis, in the Odeon of Herodes Atticus Theatre, on a full moon. It was a very moving experience. The lighting and the music and seeing the old ruins around us. This was a very special experience. I cried during my performance. One I will never forget; those images etched in my mind forever.


And if I had to stay somewhere, and retire, it would be Puerto Rico. I return there often. Those are where my roots began. Where my home is.

4. Photos! Do you have any photos of the beautiful costumes you wore?


5. What does dancing flamenco on stage make you feel?


Dancing Flamenco was always a very powerful experience; its a little hard to describe. It made me feel the entire range of emotions related to love. The music and lyrics of Flamenco are often about painful or difficult love experiences. The entire performance is always a communication between the dancer, the musicians and the singer. And because of the nature of the music and the dance, one could feel the whole spectrum of love, excitement and passion.

6. Did you have any pre-show rituals? Things you did to get into the mindset for a show, or lucky charms that you wore ever show?

 I didn’t really have many rituals. I enjoyed silence before the shows. My lucky charms, if I had any, were always kept on my dressing table, where I kept my makeup and personal items 🙂

(They may not have been HER lucky charms, but here are some of the gorgeous pieces that could be YOUR lucky charms if you shop her Etsy store!)




See some flamenco in action! Here’s a little preview of today’s National Spanish Ballet :


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