Hey Tribalistas – look over here! We have shiny, pretty, #everydaytribal things for you today!

You like how I always start these product announcements by saying, “I happened upon so-and-so one day and fell in love with her products…” ?  As if I’m just brushing my teeth one morning and I discover that some magical bohemian fairy left me a gorgeous Moroccan-style pillow next to my toothpaste.

You’re right, it’s not really like that.

THIS time, I saw a post in a ladyboss Facebook group I belong to that made my eyes sparkle. Literally.

That ladyboss was Nadia, owner of Penelope Hope.   And the sparkles were from her winter 2017/18 Metallic Collection of textiles for the home.

Sparkly, shiny, Moroccan-inspired and geometric patterns like these:


Immediately my little boho brain went on this fantasy of what a little bit of metallic fun could do to jazz up a tribalista home….




The Penelope Hope designer fabric collections have all been created exclusively by myself from a combination of using my original artwork, hand drawn sketches, photography and digital processing techniques, all pulled together creating a dazzling array of colour, pattern and playfulness. I have been inspired not only by my island home (Guernsey) , but my worldwide travels and favourite pastimes of going to the beach, swimming in the sea and exploring the outdoors.

-Nadia, owner/designer


And for the bellydancers reading along, check out their collection of bags – how would you feel rolling up to your next show with a fancy shchmancy coordinated gig bag set?




Up to 50% off Through Feb 11 (2)

So go buy yourself a birthday present, or drop a hint on your social media for your friends to stuff your Easter basket with some goodies from Penelope Hope! 

Shop online: https://www.penelopehope.com

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Up to 50% off Through Feb 11 (2)



*Nope, still not a sponsored or affiliated blog.  Just me sharing shiny, pretty, #everydaytribal things