Here’s the thing about Desigual.   I feel like they can be so hit or miss with their designs. They use fabulous colors and have this great mandala theme that pops up across their collections every year.  Really eclectic and slightly eccentric – what’s not to love?


The thing is, I walk into their store full of excitement at what new #everydaytribal looks they’ve got to inspire me with.  But typically I end up realizing that there are a ton of things that I wouldn’t actually ever wear.  Most of them are really just too loud or over-the-top.

But when I do find something I love, I REALLY LOVE it.    For example, this mandala dress and purse my hubby got me last Christmas. (Yeah, a little too matchy-matchy to wear together, but separately….they give me all the feels)




So evvvvery once in a while, I peek at their site to see if there are any of those absolutely perfect pieces that should go on my wish list for next Christmas.  Wanna come along? Here are a few of my favs from the new collection.   Weigh in with me – which do you love? Which are ridiculous?





Ok so I definitely wouldn’t wear all of these together, but how sick would that skirt look with just a lazy burgundy or turquoise tank top?    Or that off-the-shoulder blouse with just some skinny jeans? And the purse with everything else.  Yeah, these go in my “LOVE” file.




I’m not 100% sure I’d wear this as-is, but maybe under a denim duster, with some boots and a hat…definitely skip the banana earrings 😉


Anywho, it’s fun to look! And it’s fun to know there are some stylish designers attempting out-of-the-box looks that fall into my boho, #everydaytribal style…