You know those clickbait articles that pop up on Facebook that tempt you with “25 Places You Should See Before You Die” that end up just making you depressed that the furthest place you’ll probably go before you die is Nutbush?*

*For my non Memphis readers, comment below with your own local hilariously-named unfortunate suburb….

Ok, well in a weird twist of fate, a sale popped up from our local airline advertising $20 flights to Malta.    Wait. What? ! Malta is on that list of 25 places!  AND Malta is the place where Queen Elizabeth and her family used to holiday – I know that because I’m an avid watcher of “The Crown” on Netflix, and they’re always showing clips of her family being super happy in the Malta sun on the cliffs by the ocean.


That pretty much wraps up how much I knew about Malta before going.

But now I know that Malta is this absolutely gorgeous island in the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and Africa.


So what you get is this really rad cultural blend of Italian chill lifestyle and delicious pastas with the Arabic culture, art, and delicious sweet roasted meats of Tunisia.

PLUS, thanks to colonization and more historical fun – you’ve got a lot of Spanish influence, history dating back to the Phoenicians, and a fun blend between Arabic Muslim and Sicilian Catholicism that result in a MEGA-SUPERSTITIOUS island people. (Hamsas on some doorways and horseshoes on others…)



We had the most relaxing long weekend in a tiny fishing village, thanks to yet another Italian holiday.  Our BNB was right on the sea, where we could watch the fisherman head out every night and drop their haul off at the restaurant next door every morning.

Anyway, here are all the best photos that give you a sense of the cool mix of cultures that the island of Malta surprised me with.





Below:  Every building is light sandstone, and almost all of them are highlighted with turuqoise blue shutters and doors. It gives an overall Moroccan/Turkish architecture vibe.  I absolutely love this Turkish blue color, so I was in heaven:




The farmlands behind our village are mapped out with stone walls – just loosely stacked, not concreted together.  The sandstone against the red earth really made for beautiful landscaping:


We only ventured into the capital city once, and I only took these two photos:



Definitely a whole big world out there!  If you’ve been on a trip lately and experienced some surprising cultural crossroads, let me know! We’d love to see more!