During my exploration of Prague last weekend, I was desperate to find some remnants of what the fantasy I had created in my head of what the land once known as Bohemia would be like.

I posted a general query on Facebook, even wrote to the local tribalista troupe (Rustiqua Tribal) to see if I could get the low-down on any local shops, neighborhoods, shows, parties, hell even a cool looking house that I could barge into to take photos of. Yes, I’m shameless.

But my last-ditch effort was no good.

So I turned to Google.

And what I found was Bohemian Retro – the ONLY store that popped up in every single search I did.   And with raving reviews and a tagline that reads “Possibly the most bohemian shop in the world” – I was sold.

“Possibly the most bohemian shop in the world”

My bestie Meeghan and I looked at each other, nodded, left the toddler and the hubby at the BNB and took off on foot on our quest for shopping salvation.

It was only a 10 minute walk, ok, so let’s just be honest here.


Bex Eastwood is the owner of this fabulous little retro-vintage-second-hand shop in downtown Prague.  And she alone was one of the best parts of our shopping experience.

Bex is one of those shopowners who knows that her shit is the coolest, but she’s not at ALL pushy.   She’s your best friend the minute you walk in the door – telling you how fab you look and how to accessorize something you’ve tried on. But she backs off and lets you wander and shop and consider without being in your face.

She looks the part, plays the part, and even has a fabulous British accent out of nowhere. She designs textiles and redesigns garments and accessories for a line she calls Be.X:  A Collection Of Bohemian Folk Punk  inspired clothing and jewelry made with Vintage components.





Who needs a skirt with a graffiti style stencil of the Queen? YOU DO.  That’s who.  Meeghan proudly went home with a badass Be.X Moto jacket with a graffiti motif.

Enough chatter, on to the photos:






Handmade lace was once a popular artistry in Bohemia, Bavaria, Austria and Slavakia.  Bohemian Retro has a great collection of antique lace in various forms – original collars, table coverings, and the re-purposed pieces into contemporary boho chic looks like these:



A photo sent from a customer of Bohemian Retro who wore a Be.X lace dress for her beachside wedding…. *le swoon*



So what did I come home with? After about an hour and a half of picking through, trying on, waffling, and having a blasty blast together, Meeghan and I came home with some real goodies.  She took the Moto jacket and an absolute showstopper of a vintage Hawaiian muu muu dress in a black/white palm branch motif that has this incredible draped train from the  back that makes her look like effortless Hawaiian royalty.  One day I’ll convince her to share photos with the world – otherwise you’ll have to imagine it’s shaped like this in black and white palm fronds:



I took home a beautiful scarf (I’m such an addict) and this incredible Indian beaded skirt – perfect for shows but probably will make appearances in my #everydaytribal wardrobe too.


Along with one of Bex’s lace dress overlays, which will serve as the occasional summer party look, but right now it’ts dressing up my couch in some total bohemian chicness…..



So IF you happen to be around Prague – be sure to stop in for some fun at Bohemian Retro.   And if you’re not, well head over to their Facebook page and show them some love from wherever you are.  Tell them we sent you!