Remember last year when I bragged about this beautiful scarf I bought from a local Etsy vending fair?



Well the fair is back again, and my lovely friend Valentina, owner of Graffiti Tam Tam was there, selling her beautiful tribal bags, ethnic upcycled fabric scarves, and gorgeous antique silver jewelry:



So what beautiful piece could I not live without? This fabulous large, gray leather handmade bag, studded and embellished with silver pieces from Afghanistan and India. Hello, gig bag!


It’s a stunning piece of wearable tribal art, and I can’t wait to stuff it full of zils, scarves, dance slippers, makeup, costume jewelry, and other necessities and finally have a bag that is as beautiful as my costumes.


Or, maybe I’ll just throw on an all-black lazy look and use this bag as a statement piece for an Everyday Tribal look. Gah, who cares? I love it.

For more about Valentina at Graffiti Tam Tam….

She’s opened a new shop specifically for the antique silver jewelry she discovers all over Europe and Asia.  (Valentina is from Spain, currently living in Italy, but traveling the world to collect treasures)

Old Argento is her new home for jewelry, antique household décor and items from places like Borneo, Bali, India, and Indonesia:


And her bags and scarves can still be found here: Graffiti Tam Tam