I know we haven’t been sharing much of our Everyday Tribal obsession for the past year. This blog was a happy space for me while I was on maternity leave from dancing and while living abroad. And it has opened the doors to a wonderful new evolution of my career: For 3 years now, I’ve been helping other bellydance studio owners, troupe directors, tribal jewelry boutiques, and funky boho business owners grow their own businesses by putting my experience of ‘figuring that shit out’ and filling in the gaps with classes and mentorship of my own. I’ve written a book, I’ve launched TWO new businesses, and NOW, I’m super excited about the fact that now that I’m living back in the States, we’re able to launch Phase 2 of The Ladyboss Nation: Online courses and remote group business coaching that are affordable for every “Ain’t got a budget or time for that”, take-you-seriously-as-a-bellydancing-business-owner, one-woman show.


Join us as we make 2020 a year of cutting costs and increasing income! 🙋‍♀️


The Ladyboss Nation is offering a New Year, New Member special: Sign up for our already-affordable business guidance membership for unconventional entrepreneurs by Dec 31 – and earn TWO MONTHS’ FREE! 👀 The Members’ Academy is $42/month and includes weekly bite-sized business training videos, exercises, worksheets, and homework + monthly phone/skype calls for personal help to grow your business + fun “Ladyboss” merchandise to dress up your desk. So that means for $42 you get THREE MONTHS OF BUSINESS COACHING! I’m happy to answer any questions, but all the details are found at: www.TheLadybossNation.com/membership


OK ENOUGH sell promotion – I DO have some fun Everyday Tribal stories to roll out soon – travel phots, mini-ethnographies, and features of some awesome shops to get your everyday tribal fix and maybe some gifts for your boho besties for this holiday season.

Ciao for now1