Everyday Tribal is simply a trading post for folks who love – or might be alittle obsessed with – all things tribal style, bohemian, bellydance, or ‘gypsy*.’ Whether it’s tribal print clothing, bohemian home decor, tribal bellydance, or the musical influences of Arabic, Central Asian, and North African cultures.

I’m in no way an expert in this field, but I love learning and sharing information from those who are! Feel free to chime in on any topic, and join our online tribe on Instagram @everydaytribal and https://www.facebook.com/everydaytribal.


*Please note that I will always use the word ‘gypsy’ in quotations to denote the complicated nature of this word today.  Although still often used as a derogatory term toward the ethnic and cultural group really known as the Romani people, the word ‘gypsy’ to many still denotes a lifestyle movement and even a fashion style connoting bohemian, nature-embracing, ‘carefree’ (who is really carefree, after all?) and globally-inspired.