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“Omi” or “Ami?” History of the Move

Ever wonder why some dancers call it 'omi' and others call it 'ami?' Find out where the move came from and more!

Dances of Rajasthan

  Last week we took a quick trip to Rajasthan, India.  Now it's time to get to the heart of what matters most to us tribalistas - music, dance, and fashion.   So now that you've gotten a glimpse of the... Continue Reading →

Where has all the floorwork gone?

Is it just me, or is floorwork fading from tribal fusion performances?

Tribal Fusion Headliners: Early Years

It's Time for Part 2 of the Headliners' Early Years!   Earlier this month, we shared some adorable photos of tribal dance headliners BEFORE they started dancing.  NOW it's time to enjoy some reflections on these fabulous dancers in the... Continue Reading →

Glorious Turkoman Jewelry

After diving into research on the Turkic cultures for the 3 Minute Ethnography, I realized I really needed to devote a separate blog on their incredible jewelry. Turkmen silver jewelry is amazing. It's huge. It's decadent. And it's wrought with... Continue Reading →

Thrifty Tribal: Art Deco Dancers

My latest thrift-store find obsession and what I've learned about the earliest 'oriental' dancers influenced the art deco movement...and vice versa.

History of the Moves: Choo Choo Shimmy vs. ATS Choo Choo bump

Ok bellydancers, raise your hand if you have ALWAYS wondered why there are two seemingly very different belly dance movements called "choo choo."   If you're a tribal dancer who's taken a classical workshop and they say "Ok, we're going... Continue Reading →

Origin of the ‘fifi’

Continuing with my education and research into the nomenclature of our bellydance lingo, I have spent the last few weeks playing detective with a move called 'fifi.' I only learned the move a few years ago myself, having been involved... Continue Reading →

History of the ‘maya’ movement…Maya Medwar

How did some of our bellydance movements get their names? Here is the story behind the "maya" and the dancer it was named for...

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