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How To Add IsoGen App to Your iPhone Home Screen

  Hey tribalista dancers, take 30 seconds to add the IsoGen app to your phone home screen with the rest of your apps.   Here's how: Using your phone click here to go to the IsoGen website. Now follow these three... Continue Reading →

Sword Etiquette

My 6 guidelines for handling a sword appropriately for bellydance performance.

Dance Creativity Challenge: Triangles

How do you keep your creativity sparking when you are a professional artist or on a deadline? What about when your art is your hobby, and you just can't find enough time to play with it and create?   For... Continue Reading →

What makes a good workshop?

Ten ways to ensure your workshop is a hit! What makes workshops good, bad, and everything in between, from the mouths of students themselves!

Dance Creativity Exercise: Poetry in Motion

All artists are faced with creativity block at some point.  I've been learning a lot about how artists in other forms of media jog their creativity or find inspiration for a new project (more on that in a future blog),... Continue Reading →

When You’re Unmotivated to Dance

This is my one-song, three minute, no-thinking, doesn't have to be pretty, do it in work clothes at your desk, or in between commercials breaks, right when I get out of bed, or after dinner, or when I'm brushing my teeth body wake-up. Maybe it's all you've got time or energy for today. Maybe it will invigorate you physically and help you move forward to something else. Maybe it will unblock the creativity rut you're in and just get you absent-mindedly moving. I hope it helps you

New Year, New Journal

My dance journal is where I jot down everything from class notes and practice tips to choreography ideas and costume inspiration...

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