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September Birthstone Inspiration: Sapphire

September has the BEST birthstone: Sapphire! I may not be born in this month but it's my favorite color, so I've rounded up some gorgeous blue costume inspiration for bellydancers and tribalistas!

Meet Cassi: The Graphic Designer Behind Kami Liddle’s Krysalis Poster

    If you haven't been hiding under a rock for the last few months, you've probably seen this gorgeous poster advertising Kami Liddle's new dance program series, Krysalis. It's a striking graphic design, and it was only a few... Continue Reading →

Alabama-based Tribal Goods Shop Gives Back to the Swat Valley

This post is sponsored by A Lilla Bazaar. All opinions are my own!   One shop in Alabama is touching the lives of families in the disaster and war-torn Swat Valley, Pakistan and the surrounding tribal communities. Yes, I said A-L-A-B-A-M-A.... Continue Reading →

Moroccan Metallics from Penelope Hope

Hey Tribalistas - look over here! We have shiny, pretty, #everydaytribal things for you today! You like how I always start these product announcements by saying, "I happened upon so-and-so one day and fell in love with her products..." ? ... Continue Reading →

Dream Catchers & SandSilkSky

One of my favorite blends of beauty and belief is manifested in the art of the dream catcher.  Though widely incorporated across cultures and in mainstream fashion and decor, let's not forget the real symbolic nature of these tribal objects. ... Continue Reading →

The Incredible Herodotean Collection from Aguja y Clavo

Caitlin Leonor owns a jewelry boutique called  Aguja y Clavo , but this isn't your average jewelry-maker.  (There's always a special twist to the boutiques we feature on Everyday Tribal!) Caitlin is a global explorer and cultural connoisseur in her own... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Bellydance Calendar by dancer/artist Donna Chess

Fall in love with the beautiful artwork of bellydancer Donna Chess as we explore the images from her 2018 Calendar

Moody Rooms: Sapphire Interiors

We're still celebrating the birthstone for September, the splendid sapphire! A few weeks back, we shared a collage of amazing tribal dance images and accessories in moody blue, and now we're taking it into the home with a round-up of... Continue Reading →

Say it on Vintage Bellydancer Notecards

A collection of beautiful notecards featuring vintage bellydancers and women of the Middle East.

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