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Focus on Fair Trade: Swimwear Edition

For today's Focus on Fair Trade, we're getting you ready for summer fun with a swimwear edition.  Suit up with a cute new boho bikini and know that you're contibuting to the global movement in ethical fashion.  Check out these... Continue Reading →

Focus on Fair Trade: Nomads Clothing 

It's Fashion Revolution Week! What better time to start supporting fair trade fashion by learning about the revolution and buying a few new fair trade looks for your wardrobe?!  Every year since a fateful day in April 2014 when over... Continue Reading →

Birthstone Inspiration: April Diamonds

Looking for style inspiration? Whether for an everyday tribal look or your next performance costume, this month's style inspiration board comes from the birthstone of lucky April babies : diamonds!   Now, most of us can't afford to go around... Continue Reading →

Designer Boho Style – Temperley London

I came across Temperley London on Pinterest, when this amazing skirt showed up in my feed: I drooled over it for a minute, then fantasized about all the costume options it would present, let alone throwing on a tank top,... Continue Reading →

How to rock a headscarf – a challenge to us all

Alright, are you one of those people who can rock a headscarf? If so, I'm totes jealous. I mean, I see images like these on pinterest and in magazines and think it's just so cool, and I've even amassed an awesome scarf collection of my own. Except that every time I try to wear one in my hair (or even around my neck) I feel like a total schmo.

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