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Wallpapers that will change your mind about, well, wallpaper

A collection of 10 beautifully bohemian wallpapers that would transform your space into tribalista heaven!

Sustainable Fashion: Cleobella

Can you believe Autumn is almost here? Between my 3 weeks of traveling, a solar eclipse, and finally getting to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 2), I don't even know which way is up right now.  ... Continue Reading →

Costume Inspiration: Emeralds of May

  It's May!!! Time for Tauruses to don their birthstones to represent all the beautiful things that May celebrates - femininity, motherhood, budding flowers, baby animals.... Of course, if you're dealing with the torrential downpours like some of us around... Continue Reading →

Designer Boho Style – Temperley London

I came across Temperley London on Pinterest, when this amazing skirt showed up in my feed: I drooled over it for a minute, then fantasized about all the costume options it would present, let alone throwing on a tank top,... Continue Reading →

3 Minute Ethnography: The Tuaregs

We drape ourselves in Tuareg jewelry, romanticize their nomadic notions, dance to their desert blues music - hell, there's even a car named after them! But how much do you really know about the Tuareg people and their culture? Here's a three minute ethnography to broaden your cultural connections, whether it's to be a more-informed global citizen or simply for a better appreciation of your costume trinkets!

How to rock a headscarf – a challenge to us all

Alright, are you one of those people who can rock a headscarf? If so, I'm totes jealous. I mean, I see images like these on pinterest and in magazines and think it's just so cool, and I've even amassed an awesome scarf collection of my own. Except that every time I try to wear one in my hair (or even around my neck) I feel like a total schmo.

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